This Week’s Report!!!

The Waterfall Farm Shop’s Stain Glass Course went really well with participant’s having an eye to the future and making several Sun-catchers as Christmas presents! We may run this course again at the end of September, you can contact Hannah if you are interested.

Michael was at the 1st Annual Lleyn sale and he reported back the sheep he brought sold really well and he was pleased.He will also be attending the 2nd Annual Lleyn sale in Roscommon on the 15th of September with 20 ewe lambs and 2 rams. I can report that the deep hole the hoof trimmers made in his hand is healing well! He will be dosing the ewes for worms this week so they’ll be ready to meet the rams. The last of the silage is made and stacked. Finally! The beautiful sheep dog Mist hurt her paws last week but they are healing well and she is having a well earned rest. Nell, her daughter, is working solo at the moment but she’s a real flyer and keeps the sheep on straight and narrow! From our scenic vantage point I can see all around Glencree valley and I see that our neighbouring farmers, the Burton’s, have baled their straw. I spoke to Pat Lalor last week, who supplies the Shop with his delicious Kilbeggan Porridge, and he told me that the harvest is done but the yield is down. I think this year will be an expensive one for anybody buying grain and I hear potatoes are going through the roof because the harvest was bad, on account of all the rain!

Back to the Spanish Inquisition I suppose!!

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