Red Squirells

Red Squirrel’s¬†(Iora Rua or Sciurus Vulgaris) are said to be in decline in Ireland that is why I delight when I see one. I haven’t seen any around the farm but I have seen plenty around my mother’s house. They are gorgeous!! She has plenty of hazelnuts, pine cones, mushrooms and berries around the place which they love to feed on. Often you will see then scampering up the dry stone walls, on to a tree and racing along its branches.¬†Nimbly¬†bouncing from one to the other until they are out of sight. It is just wonderful to watch these beautiful little creatures and I hope that they will start to thrive again. I just managed to get this, not very good, photo of the little guy with my phone before he vamoosed! He’s right beside the tree.

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