Nearly There!!

Looking back to the before all this idea of restoring Charlie’s tractor got off the ground I remember just how much I had to encourage Michael that ‘of course there’ll be enough time’ and (in my naivety) ‘no, no, don’t be silly it won’t be that much extra work’ and other such insightful phrases. Little did I know! Gosh, ignorance really is bliss, he knew exactly what kind of an undertaking he was signing up for.

D40L Interior

I guess it’s a measure of how much the whole project means to him. Even as I write tonight he is gone again, over to Peter Jones and the D40L tractor on the north side of Dublin, I’m not even sure what for tonight. But I don’t mind, it’s all getting very exciting now! All through July he seemed to bringing over copious amounts of paint, enough to do a house, and also lots of different parts.


D40L Interior


Although it seems like I never see him, some days I can’t get away from him as he has me chained to the computer helping him communicate through the intricate World Wide Web to some distant part of the globe about some tractor part or other, before he zooms off again. 

Electrical parts from the Netherlands have arrived been delivered over to Peter so the rewiring has begun, but you can see the tractor’s ‘interior’ here in this video. It is easier to fit the electrical components and trace the wires and then assemble the body parts than do it the other way round.

Yesterday the last of the brass bonnet trims arrived from Air Cooled Technology in Galway. Earlier in July Michael brought the front rims over to Peter but they weren’t the right size! So he ordered new rims from America, which caused a bit of nervous waiting but they have now arrived and are painted and fitted.


New locking pads for the wheel nuts couldn’t be found anywhere so he had to have them made by Yoruba Ltd in Kilcoole. You can see by the pictures the tractor is nearly ready, every part of it has been cleaned either by sandblasting or using the Evaporust product, and is now painted. The tyres have been mounted onto the rims and are ready to go onto the tractor. Once the wiring is done quite a large part of the job now is assembling the D40L together!

The plough has been completely taken apart and transported to Soda Blast Ireland also in Kilcoole, to be stripped and blasted down there. Michael couldn’t get proper bolts to fit the original bolt holes so he had to drill out a bigger size. He couldn’t do this at home as the steel was too hard to drill and needed a bench press to get the job done. C+C (Springs) Ltd made new springs for the back of the plough as they also could not be found anywhere. 

The usual farm work has been ongoing at its normal hectic pace, with our own potatoes, beetroot and white turnip being sold in the Shop. I feel our customers are really latching on to our ‘fresh, local, Irish, quality food’ ethos and it is fantastic to have such a loyal customer base and great to see the Shop so busy. Especially as our plans for a tea rooms are underway and it will hopefully open mid winter. This latest venture has taken up a good bit of time lately and has really concentrated the mind! My garden did turn into a jungle of weeds but I did battle and thankfully my peas are bountiful and the carrots and beetroot are thriving as well. Just to keep us busy we hope to display the tractor at the local Enniskerry Victorian Festival on September 14th and on Saturday October 18th we are having our annual Harvest Party. I am all brimmed up with hope and bubbling with anticipation, I know how much this whole tractor project means to Michael and his family. It’s so exciting because we are nearly there!



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