Jam Making Adventures!!

  • For the avid gardeners among you, you will be acutely aware how slow the growth has been this year. June was incredibly wet and unseasonally cold. As a neighbouring farmer wryly remarked to me “it’s a very mild winter we’re havin’!”. But finally the plants are producing and ripening their fruit and vegetables. So, as those of you who have been following @waterfallfarm on Twitter will know, I have been out in our garden picking the lovely ripe and juicy redcurrants and blackcurrants. Although I’m sure I would have had a much bigger haul had more ended up in the basket and not in my mouth!! All this wonderous fruit leads on to an exciting new culinary adventure for me. Jam making! My first foray into jam making was just last week when I ordered extra Irish Wexford strawberries for the Shop and made, if I do say so myself, delicious strawberry jam. It was very tasty, if a little bit runny. I was reassured by my Mum, jam making expert, that strawberry jam is very hard to make as strawberries are low in pectin, the essential ingredient in setting jam. Although I did give myself every chance of a set as these were fresh strawberries picked that morning, so their pectin level was at its highest. I suppose I could have used jam sugar, which has added pectin, but that’s kinda cheating, right? So I rolled up my jam making sleeves and, like Rocky Balboa, faced the challenge and came out feeling like a winner! This little jam making exercise has spurred me on to at least attempting to make more jams and jellies and maybe even cordials! My next jam, or jelly, adventure will be with the blackcurrants. These are high in pectin and so I confidently look forward to euphoric success!! At present the previously picked blackcurrants are in the freezer waiting to be joined by more of their friends who are ripening on the bush. I just have to get them before the blackbirds and in between the rain showers. I look forward to updating the blog with my next jam adventure.

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