Harvesting & The Shop

While Michael has been quite busy getting the silage made and now helping to bring in the straw, I have also had a little harvest of my own.

Earlier in the year we planted a small amount of onions and other vegetables. When the stalks of the onions flop over they are ready to be picked. Ours flopped over this week so I picked the white ones that were ready and all of the red ones (there wasn’t many reds). A good way to dry out the onions and store them is to plait the stalks together and hang them up to dry. I had a bit of fun doing that, and with the red onions they didn’t last long enough to dry out as they went straight into several dinners and delicious Red Onion, Tomato and Basil bread. It was eaten so fast I nearly didn’t get a picture of it. It tasted all the better because they were our own tomatoes and the basil and cherry tomatoes are grown locally and we sell them in the Shop.


Admittedly I am a terrible gardener (God loves a tryer though!). My Mum is much better and this week I helped her harvest her plums.

Due to the rubbish weather we have had this summer the crop haul was well down on last year, but still enough to make her fantastic tasty plum jam and plum sauce which is divine with duck! Not surprisingly none of the apple trees have any fruit as the frost in spring destroyed the blossom. No flowers, no fruit! Having spoken to our apple supplier for the Shop he said his harvest is also well down (he used a rude word), and the same applies to the honey man and the grain harvest for our Porridge oats! On the plus side Mum had loads of onions, a bit on the small side, probably due to the colder temperatures this summer.

Quite surprisingly and I think, most unusually, Mum’s strawberry plants have suddenly sprung fruit and are ripening rapido style, and are very tasty. Who ever heard of summer strawberries in September??! There are loads of tomatoes in the glass house and this sunny week has been helping to ripen them too.

One of the most interesting things Mum has in her garden is the fig tree, which does produce figs! Apparently if the fruit doesn’t ripen this year, you just leave it and it will ripen next year! Mum hopes to have a homegrown fig or two in the Christmas pudding this year.

I have also been keeping an eye on our blackberries and they seem to be plentiful and ripening well in the fields around the Shop. I feel a blackberry jam adventure coming on! Speaking of jam, my Aunt gave me a heap of redcurrants and I am going to attempt my first jelly! Watch this space!!

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