Fudge & Her Family of Kids!

Lots of you will be familiar with ‘Fudge’ our little brown nanny goat. Fudge is a Pygmy goat, so she’s quite a small, dainty little lady, and very friendly. She loves getting a treat like an apple or carrot. This year, in January, Fudge gave birth to four little kid goats.

The 4 Kids a week old

This is not the first time she has had a set of quads, but it isn’t really the norm, although Pygmy goats do have two or three kids regularly. Initially we had Fudge and the kids in a shed by themselves for a few days to make sure everything was okay and that the kids were good and strong before they made their appearance on the world stage! Well once these little guys got to the Pet’s Corner they were show stoppers and had everyone swooning over them andĀ marvelingĀ at their tricks and skips about the pen.

Kid On Fudge’s Back


Their favourite trick was to jump on Fudge’s back, while they were small two could fit on at one time, but only for a second so it was hard to get a photo.




When they first went outside they were a bit unsure of themselves, but you should see them go now!

Fudge & Kids 1st Day Out!

Now that they are outside the big rock in the paddock and the bank provide endless entertainment for them, and us! But they have also perfected the act of jumping on Mummy, and staying on while she’s walking around. Pretty cool, eh?!!


Get Outta da Way!!!!

Pygmy goats are very cute, but they are little rascals too and while these guys are small they have taken to squeezing in the pop-hole into the hen shed and either eating all the food or going to sleep in the nesting boxes which are nice and warm!

Kid Robbing the Hen Feed!


Well they won’t stay this tiny forever so do call up and see them while they’re at their most fun (and we’ll notice if you take one away in your pocket!!).

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