Farm Safety

Farm safety is something that always plays on my mind, the thoughts of any farm accident puts me on edge. God love any family that it has happened to. While Michael does do his best to be safety concious at all times it is still a constant worry. Pat O’Keefe from the Irish Farmer’s Journal was very kind to send us this farm safety leaflet (below) which is well worth a read and certainly something worthy of promotion.


Closed For Renovations

Over the Christmas period when all the madness had settled down and we had a minute to think Michael and I decided it would be best not to reopen the Farm Shop after the holidays. As our regular customers are aware we are doing renovations and this is proving difficult to get done in a timely manner with our commitments to the Farm Shop, the farm and other varied areas of our lives. We felt it would be better to close the shop and crack on with things rather than dragging the renovations on and on. We would like to thank all our customers for their fantastic support and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Making Purchases

There is stock available and you can make purchases by arrangement for products like Kilbeggan porridge, jams, juices, cordial etc. Just contact Hannah on 0872649537 or email

Ordering Lamb

You can order lamb for the freezer by emailing and completing and returning the order form.

Lambing Courses

Our lambing courses this spring are filling up fast. If you would like more information please see our ‘Good to Know‘ page and don’t delay in reserving your place.