Ploughing Ahead….

Although Michael is super busy on the farm with the never-ending list of tasks that need completing and always, always trying to keep Mother Nature on his side and wishing for a few extra hours in the day, he still is desperately searching for this elusive Kverneland Hydrein Special plough. He is spending so much time on the computer eyes may have turned square and his ears may be swollen from constant phone calls, following every lead to its final conclusion but, his persistence is paying off and the noose is narrowing!

He has found a 3 furrow Kverneland plough in the UK, unfortunately it’s not the 2 furrow match plough so it would need some modification and a bit of work be turned into a match plough. But further searches and contacting ploughing people in Norway has proved useful and two ploughs have turned up there. A nice gentleman in Norway, Benny Bleckert, is having a look at them to see if; a) they are Kverneland Hydrein Special 2 furrow match ploughs and b) to ascertain their exact condition. Michael has been in contact with Kverneland Ireland and they have offered to transport the plough back from Norway, for free, should he find one there, on condition he gets the plough to main Norwegian factory. To add to their generosity they offered an alternative of financial assistance should a plough be purchased in a different country, which is such a boon!


While the D40L body looks like an empty shell the restoration is coming along nicely. There are a few parts that Michael is trying to locate such as an ‘Exhaust Manifold’. Someone may have one of these knocking about, specifically for a F3L712 Deutz engine! Re-conditioning an engine to me, sounds like a trip to the engine salon. Not so apparently. This process isn’t as simple as grabbing a large bottle of ‘Timotei’ and giving it an auld ‘wash and go’ but rather the engine has to be scrutinised with a severe eye. The poor old engine for the D40L tractor needs to be re-conditioned, which means every nut and bolt, bearing, piston, seal and so on and so on has to be carefully examined and ‘re-conditioned’ back to perfect working order so when the engine is assembled again. The pressure! It’d be like sitting your Leaving Cert again! When the key is turned and away she starts up, the moment of truth, that fat lady has to purr like a Cheshire cat! Tom Murphy is carrying out the engine re-conditioning and says he is ‘looking forward to seeing Charlie’s tractor up and running again’. We are as busy as ever on the farm, with all the sheep dosed, fences being repaired and preparation for the silage season in full swing. The Shop is changing seasons too, easing into summer with oodles of fresh, in season, local fruit and veg filling up the baskets, pleasing the customer’s taste buds no end! It’s all go here as we zoom closer and closer to the September deadline, the outlook is positive!