The Tractor Project Update.

It is coming up to lambing time here on the farm and Michael has been quite busy making sure everything is ready for the expectant mothers in the sheep shed. Even if he has taken on this massive project of restoring his grandfather’s two tractors and endeavouring to find the exact plough Charlie used, everyday life and farm work continues!

The D40L Tractor Feb 2014

Since I put up the first post there has been quite a bit of interest in the whole story. Lots of people wished us luck and some people offered sponsorship and other forms of assistance, which we are most grateful for. The media also seem to like the story and there was a lovely feature on Michael with the tractor capturing the whole story on tonight’s RTE Six One News by Philip Bromwell.


There will be a blog post about it on the Irish Country Living website from Wednesday the 12th of March, where you will also find monthly updates of how the whole project is progressing.


About 2 weeks ago he made the time to drain the D40L tractor engine of the old fuel that has been there for quite some time, clean the filters, and put the old ones back in because he has no new filters. Pop in a bit of juice (diesel!) and turn the key! And he heard…. nawda, not a thing, nothing. So our friend and neighbour Mick Hogan came round the tractor was pulled up the yard and way-hey, it started! This was the first time it had been started in maybe ten years. It was actually filmed by Cyril Byrne of the Irish Times and was featured in the paper in an article written by Alison Healy. You can watch the film and read it here. Michael was like a little boy, the engine seemed in good order although it’s making a ‘funny noise’ which warrants further investigation. A full set of new filters have been ordered and we are searching for new tyres. The tyres that are on the tractor are Dunlop Fieldmaster but unfortunately Goodyear Dunlop doesn’t seem to make tractor tyres anymore.

The hunt has begun in earnest for the Kverneland Hydrein Special 2 furrow match plough, so if you have an old plough knocking around can you look a little closer before you scrap it. It could be the one!!

For my part I am making encouraging noises and trying keep Michael’s (and my) feet a little bit closer to the floor. Finger’s crossed that lady luck will stay with us!