Quack Quack!!

Drum roll please! Du-de-du-de-de-dooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have arrived, the funniest, cutest, entertaining quackers! New to Waterfall Farm are our flock of Khaki Campbell ducks! We put a lot of time and thought and research as to what kind of ducks would be suitable for our farm, and the result is Khaki Campbell ducks. You won’t find these ducks everywhere and they are actually a special kind of breed. They are a breed that was purposely bred by an English lady called Adele Campbell in the late 1800′s who wanted a duck that would be a prolific layer and also be a good table bird. So she crossed her Indian Runner ducks with Mallards, there may also be Rouen duck mixed in there too, but the final result is the Khaki Campbell. It’s name comes from the original ‘creator’ Ms. Campbell and also it’s typical colouring which resembles that of the khaki colour used in military uniforms. There are three main colours, ¬†khaki, dark and white.

Khaki Campbell Ducks

Our drake is a dark colour and all the ‘ladies’ are a beautiful khaki colour. There is a perception that they are a skittish bird, but actually they are quite kind and gentle, which is important to us as we have so many little children visiting the Farm and Shop each weekend. Also they are quite a good laying breed, with as many as 340 eggs being laid each year, so we hope to supply the Shop with duck eggs shortly. At the moment they aren’t used to much human interaction, but they are getting more friendly by the day and no doubt in time they will be eating out of your hand! They are very entertaining to watch, it almost seems like there is an invisible string keeping them all together. As one stands up, they all stand up. One sits down, they all sit down. One goes left, they all go left. And so on!! Often they are splashing about in their water tub, which they get filthy and new water is put in for them every day. They would love a visit, especially from the younger people and are already proving popular with picnic makings and local families. Please visit our You Tube channel waterfallfarm to see a short clip of the quackers when they first arrived.