Rabbits, Rabbits….. And More Rabbits!!

When the first litter of kittens (baby bunnies) arrived they were so cute and cuddly and we were thrilled with there safe arrival. After six weeks these little speedy, fluffy little things were ready to launch into the outer world and easily found new homes for themselves. Innocent little me thought that there would be a reprieve. Perhaps as much as three weeks maybe. To give Mammy bunny (Ruby) some time to recover after the birthing process, not to mention raising a family with a Daddy (Max) who just hangs around all day. And a girl needs to get her figure back, right??!

“But, oh no! Not so silly human. Us parent rabbits can’t wait to kick the fist lot out because the second lot has ALREADY ARRIVED!!! And we have them hidden under the straw, in fact they have been here for maybe ten days! HA HA! Stupid human, don’t you know we breed like… well, rabbits!” Huh! I do now. So the second lot of joyful fluffy rabbits have arrived and are waiting for little boys and girls to come and visit and play and politely ask Mam and Dad for a new rabbit hutch!

Baby Rabbit coming out of ‘Burrow’



Actually they are very cute. I was in feeding them and didn’t they creep up out of their little hide-y-hole and I got a pic! One of them is snow white and just adorable. Come and see for yourself!

Visitors to Liz Keegan

For those who are visiting the Farm or the Farm Shop please note the access route remains the same, just follow the clear sign posts for the Farm Shop.


For anyone visiting Liz Keegan please note there is no access to the farm house from the yard. Liz now has requested her privacy and as soon as was possible this has been facilitated. She now has her own separate entrance, with new gates and a safety mirror. Visitors to Liz please note that there is no parking in the yard, but ample parking in front of the farm house. We hope that this will ensure Liz’s privacy and comfort and maintain the health and safety of those visiting the Farm and Shop.

Give-away Weekend!!!!

For this weekend only we are having a little give-away of some choice products to celebrate the safe arrival of summer!

Up for grabs is

Stokes Horse-radish; spend €20 and get one FREE!! Normal RRP €4.95

This offer is available while stocks last.


Sam’s Cookies Meringue Shells; Buy 3 punnets of Strawberries and get one pack of Meringue Shells absolutely FREE! While stocks last and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Open 10am to 5pm, see the cute new baby bunnies while you’re there!!