Snow, Snow, Snow!!!!

Glencree Valley has such beauty and you can really see it on a day like today! This picture is taken from the crossroads, so I’m standing right at the foot of the Valley looking up towards Kippure in the distance and the clouds are covering the mast. From this picture the snowline is very obvious, in fact for quite a bit it is above the level of the road (on the left of the photo), and then as you gradually get higher up the Valley, beyond Crone Wood, it covers the road too. On the right hand side of the Valley you can see Knockree Youth Hostel has still got green fields below it and whiter ones above it. If you were on the other side of that mountain, climbing higher above sea level, the snow starts covering the road around Barnamire, and gets much thicker at Cloon Wood and keeps on getting deeper the higher you go!! So you now have prior knowledge if you decide to take the Glencree Drive this week. Keep in mind though Michael’s tractor is in a million bits in sick bay and is in no condition to pull anybody out of ditches!

But that’s enough of the geography lesson. Lots of people love coming out to see the snow, try their hand at making a snowman and get over enthusiastic tobogganing! These guys were having great fun this afternoon, after all the homework had been hastily done!

Most of the fields have no stock in them as they are inside for the lambing. So Michael is really busy looking after all the little ladies on the maternity ward. I help him to feed the ones who have given birth and are now in a ‘private suite’. Like the human equivalent you only get a short stay inside after giving birth before you are unceremoniously kicked out into the real world. Although not in this weather!

The baby goats are starting to show their characters. They are really playful little rascals and now spend a lot of their time hopping on and off Mum. Only a few days ago they were still small enough that two could jump up on her at the same time. But now they are that bit bigger and only one gets to be ‘king of the castle’!!

The little fluffy rabbits are also getting more friendly and we now have decided on names for them ‘Max and Ruby’! Although we still have to confirm which is which!!


The Lincoln Film Premiere

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to attend the Movie Premiere of Lincoln directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Wicklow’s Daniel Day-Lewis last night, the 20th of January 2013! The whole event was organised to raise money for the Wicklow Hospice Foundation. It was a great night and it was so wonderful to see and witness the generosity of the people attending and I don’t just mean the celebrity’s but the ordinary folk too. The film itself was superb, in the way that a film just takes you to another place and you forget everything around you and just get so involved and lost in the script! I gave my ticket up so Michael D (our President) could attend as the whole event was totally over-subscribed and they didn’t have a ticket for him!! The dinner was really nice and entertainment throughout was fabulous. Micheal O’Mhuircheartaigh was the MC for the night and he did a wonderful job and really added some dry humour to the task as well as good crowd control! I was particularly blown away by Sinead O’Connor. I’m not really a die-hard fan of hers, but she was AMAZING. Her voice and the emotion she put into her songs was just breath taking. Our neighbour Chris De Burgh also came along and sang a few tunes and got everyone dancing. Shane McGowan sang, aptly, Danny Boy. Athletes Katie Taylor and Fionnuala Britton attended, Katie Taylor’s signed boxing gloves went up for auction, making €2,700.

Bono and The Edge were also there and they got involved in a bidding war with Steven Spielberg for Bono’s “Peter and The Wolf” drawings, which I think Steven Spielberg clinched it in the end. It was very exciting with a big cheer going up every time a new bid was placed by any one of them! In the end the drawings sold for €42,000. The auction raised about €150,000 which I’m sure will be a great help to the Wicklow Hospice. They are such a good charity to support, as all charities are, it meant so much to me to be there and I am just so humbled by the generous spirit of everyone involved.

Meet Our New Additions!!

As I’m sure everyone is aware ‘Fudge’ our brown Nanny goat has had quad kid goats! They are all doing well and she has

been getting plenty of tasty treats, like apples and carrots, from all the visitors. The kids are now two weeks old and are real rascals jumping all around the pen and even balancing on Fudge’s back when she walking around! Sometimes two even manage to stay on at the same time. Patience is a virtue!!


The lambing started right on schedule with the arrival of a single lamb, and then a set of triplets and now there seems to be hundreds of them already. Michael has put a few sets of triplets in the Pet’s Corner to keep Fudge and her babies company.

In the Shop we are very excited to have delicious honey and homemade jam from Loughbishop House. Chris Kelly’s wonderful bee’s foraged around the Kelly farm and orchard on the wild flowers and blossoms. This honey is from blackberry and clover and is wonderfully runny.

When it eventually sets (as all honey does) it will be beautifully soft and spreadable. Mmm delish! Helen makes their jam from the excess fruit from their orchard. No food miles here! She made delicious varieties such as Greengage, Gooseberry & Elderflower or Damson Cheese all from their own fruit trees and berry bushes. Stocks are limited so get your skates on!

We have also expanded our cracker range and the fridge is home to more cheese varieties with more on the way as the Spring progresses.

Even though there has been snow today, the roads were fine and the Shop will be open as normal this weekend. The fields are empty of animals…. and full of snow. I don’t have a toboggan, do you??