The Season’s are Changing!!

It’s that time of year again. The clock’s change this weekend, falling back an hour, and this means that the Shop will close an hour earlier, at 4pm, from now until Spring. Along with the clocks changing the beautiful, mouth-watering sweetcorn season is now over. There is nothing like the taste of fresh sweetcorn and I hope plenty of you got to enjoy it. I guess what makes it so delicious is the very fact that it is seasonal. Like the Irish strawberries or raspberries. They are so delicious when they are fresh and in season, we all devour them. Of course it’s a bummer when the season is over but we look forward to it starting again next year. I think it makes them taste all the better. Other casualties of nature are the Glencree Grapes and the fresh herbs and tomato’s will be winding down shortly too.


What can we to look forward to???

Our delicious homemade soup is back in the Shop every weekend to help tackle those chilly days!! We also have an abundance of winter vegetables which includes pumpkins at the moment as we are coming up to Halloween. You can order our grass reared Lleyn lamb, this comes in whole or half lamb, processed in a local abattoir, bagged, labeled and boxed ¬†for your freezer. The taster in the Shop this weekend will be Janet’s Country Fayre Basil Pesto, delicious on lamb chops or poached salmon! We also welcome the delectable Corleggy Cheeses to the Shop. This range of cheeses from Silke Cropp include a sheep’s, goat’s and cow’s cheese. They have all won two Great Taste awards….Each! The baby goats, Romeo & Juliet and Podge & Rodge are getting bigger and bolder playing lots of fun games. You are welcome to visit them and the other farm animals for free each weekend.

Irish Sweetcorn!!!

One of the most tasty and delicious things you could eat is fresh sweetcorn. In my humble opinion! Not many people in Ireland grow it, but farmer David Burns from Co. Longford supplies our Shop directly with his fantastic sweetcorn.

Many people would think that sweetcorn doesn’t grow in Ireland but in fact there are varieties that do thrive very well in the Irish climate. Sweetcorn is best eaten fresh, as in… pick it…. and eat it! David delivers his sweetcorn, picked fresh, to Waterfall Farm Shop every weekend. And the taste is just divine!! The Sunday Business Post readers among you would have¬†noticed the mention he (and Waterfall Farm Shop) received in last weekends paper. He supplies top-end restaurants like Chapter One, in Dublin and he won an Euro-Toques Award for his endeavors earlier this year. Sweetcorn only has a really short harvesting season, about 6-8 weeks in September/October so if you fancy fresh, delicious Irish sweetcorn get your skates on! It’ll hardly be here and it’ll be gone!!

And the Winner Is….

Well our ‘Guess When’ competition didn’t last long, but the ‘Name Them Twins’ draw took place on September the 30th and apologies for being tardy with the results but the Winners are….

David Hunter with Romeo & Juilet for Smudge’s boy and girl baby goats (pic on the right)



Leanne Foley with Podge & Rodge for Blackie’s set of twin boy goats.

(pic on the left)

You can visit the newly christened little rascals at the Shop any weekend from 10am to 5pm!


Swop & Drop

Just a little mention to let y’all know that in the Shop now we have a “Swop & Drop” shelf! Let me explain. It is a shelf with pre-loved books on it, novels mainly, to suit all ages. If you like a book you may take it but you must leave a book in it’s place. All books must be in good condition, with all their pages and cover intact and not scribbled all over! Very straight forward and there for you reading pleasure.