Waterfall Farm is nestled in one of the most beautiful parts of Wicklow, the Glencree Valley. This 100 acre farm is owned by young, full-time sheep farmer Michael Keegan and his wife Hannah. The fields have been farmed by members of the Keegan family for generations.

Michael runs a flock of 400 or so pedigree Lleyn sheep, as well as being a general jack of all trades turning his hand to nearly every farming task. If you don’t find him fixing a tractor or mending a fence he is probably herding the sheep with his beautiful Wicklow collies. The Lleyn sheep are a hardy Welsh breed of sheep that thrive in this  picturesque upland farm. Come and visit the farm where you can attend the farm courses/talks/guided tours that take place throughout the year.

If you are interested in purchasing your own Lleyn sheep please contact Michael directly for expert guidance.